Nigerians Are In Pain, In Very Difficult Time Under Tinubu Government —Bishop Kukah


The Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Most Rev Matthew Hassan Kukah, recently spoke to journalists about the challenges facing Nigerians under the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Following a meeting with President Tinubu at the Aso Villa in Abuja, the cleric expressed concern over the pain and difficulties experienced by citizens.

According to Kukah, while acknowledging that the pain was unintended, it resulted from certain policy decisions made by the Tinubu administration. He emphasized the need for these policies to be amended over time to prioritize the welfare of the people. Despite the challenges, he urged patience, stating that one year may not be sufficient to evaluate the government’s performance fully.

Kukah stressed the importance of government in ensuring the welfare and security of ordinary citizens. He acknowledged the difficult times Nigerians are facing and emphasized the need for renewal. However, he cautioned against expecting quick fixes, highlighting that building a good society requires time and commitment.

The cleric called for improved communication from the government to provide clarity on the timeline for addressing pressing issues, such as food security. He emphasized the importance of transparency and engagement to instill confidence and hope among the populace.

Overall, Kukah’s message centered on the need for empathy, understanding, and proactive measures to address the challenges facing Nigeria. He underscored the role of government in prioritizing the welfare of citizens and urged collective efforts towards building a better society for future generations.


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