PDP Says No Going Back On Stand Against Rivers Lawmakers Who Defected To APC, Insists They Have Vacated Seats


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) reaffirmed its unwavering stance regarding the vacation of seats by former members of the Rivers State House of Assembly who defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC). The party emphasized that it remains steadfast in its position and is not succumbing to any external pressures to compromise its stance in court.

In a statement released by the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Hon. Debo Ologunagba, the party clarified that the former lawmakers ceased to be members of the Rivers State House of Assembly as of December 11, 2023, when they publicly announced their defection to the APC. This clarification was in response to false reports circulating on social media alleging plots to grant the former members a pathway to reclaim their seats, which the party vehemently denied.

The PDP reiterated its firm belief that the actions of the former lawmakers constituted an unconstitutional breach, leading to the automatic vacation of their seats in the assembly. This position was further reinforced in the PDP’s Counter Claim filed at the Federal High Court Abuja, where it stated unequivocally that the former lawmakers lost their membership status upon defection to the APC.

The party outlined specific declarations and orders sought in the lawsuit, including a declaration of the vacancies of the plaintiffs’ seats since December 11, 2023, and an injunction to restrain them from performing any functions or duties as members of the Rivers State House of Assembly. Additionally, the PDP demanded that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) conduct bye-elections in the affected constituencies in accordance with the law.

Highlighting the legal basis for its position, the PDP cited numerous judicial precedents from the highest court in the country that support its stance. This legal backing further solidifies the party’s confidence in the righteousness of its cause.

Overall, the PDP’s statement underscores its unwavering commitment to upholding constitutional principles and the rule of law. Despite any external pressures or false allegations, the party remains resolute in its pursuit of justice and adherence to due process in the matter concerning the vacation of seats by defected lawmakers in Rivers State.


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