Chronic Kidney Disease: A Silent Epidemic Sweeping Through Communities


The escalating prevalence of kidney diseases in communities has become a pressing concern, as Consultant Nephrologist Dr Akinsiku Oladipupo sounds the alarm ahead of World Kidney Day on March 14. Dr Oladipupo, who heads the medical team at Doren Specialist Hospital, emphasized the critical role of managing diabetes and hypertension to curb the rising tide of kidney ailments. Globally, diabetes accounts for approximately 40 percent of kidney disease cases, with hypertension contributing to about 33 percent.

Dr Oladipupo highlighted the challenge of early detection, noting that kidney diseases often remain undiagnosed until symptoms such as tiredness and general malaise become apparent. He pointed out that a significant number of individuals with kidney issues reside in communities, underscoring the importance of World Kidney Day in raising awareness and promoting prevention strategies.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) poses a unique challenge as it typically presents with non-specific symptoms, making it difficult for individuals to recognize the signs. Patients may experience fatigue, difficulty controlling blood pressure, and frothy urine. Dr Oladipupo emphasized the need for vigilance, especially for those who frequently report feeling unwell or tired, as these could be early indicators of kidney disease.

In a 2015 prevalence study conducted in Lagos State, Dr Oladipupo discovered that about 11.7 percent of adults were suffering from CKD, with nearly 98 percent unaware of their condition. This underscores the silent nature of the disease and the urgent need for increased awareness and proactive screening initiatives.

The theme for World Kidney Day 2024, “Kidney Health for All – Advancing Equitable Access to Care and Optimal Medication Practice,” emphasizes the importance of equitable access to quality kidney care. It calls for early detection, prevention strategies, and appropriate medication management to combat the growing burden of kidney diseases globally.

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