Two ‘Kano Emirs’ Sanusi, Bayero Lead Friday Congregation Prayers At Different Mosques Amid Court Ruling


On June 21, 2024, tensions in Kano State escalated following a Federal High Court ruling that nullified the Kano State government’s actions to abolish the Kano Emirates Council Law 2024. The court decision overturned the state government’s repeal efforts and instructed all parties to maintain the status quo ante.

The ruling coincided with notable actions by two former Kano Emirs, Aminu Ado Bayero and Muhammadu Sanusi II. Despite the legal uncertainties, both leaders conducted separate court sittings in their respective palaces and participated in Friday congregation prayers. Aminu Ado Bayero led prayers at the Central Mosque, while Muhammadu Sanusi II observed prayers at the Nassarawa mini palace, as reported by Daily Trust.

Earlier developments indicated that the Kano State government had directed the state police to remove Aminu Bayero from the royal residence, citing plans for extensive reconstruction and renovation, including demolishing and rebuilding the palace’s deteriorated wall fence. These directives were announced by the state Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Haruna Dederi, who reiterated the government’s commitment to upholding the law and restoring order.

Dederi’s statements emphasized the government’s stance that the Federal High Court’s ruling validated their actions concerning the abolition of five emirates established in 2019 and the subsequent deposition of emirs. The court’s decision, according to Dederi, affirmed the legality of the state assembly’s legislation and the governor’s assent, which were pivotal in reshaping the local governance structure.

Despite the legal clarity provided by the court, the situation remained tense, with implications for the stability and governance of Kano State. The actions and statements of both the state government and the embattled emirs reflected ongoing power struggles and deep-seated tensions within the region’s leadership and traditional institutions.

As the legal and political landscape continued to evolve, observers and stakeholders awaited further developments and potential appeals that could shape the future trajectory of governance and leadership in Kano State. The unfolding events underscored the delicate balance between legal interpretations, political maneuvers, and societal stability in the region.

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