APC Call For ‘State Of Emergency’ Will Plunge Rivers State Into Deeper Crisis – Citizens Forum Cautions Tinubu


The Concerned Citizens Forum of Nigeria has strongly cautioned President Bola Tinubu against considering the All Progressives Congress’ (APC) proposal for a state of emergency in Rivers State. The forum, represented by Dr. Ekeanyanwu Promise, issued a statement condemning the APC Rivers State chapter’s call for emergency rule as a deliberate tactic to worsen the region’s existing instability for political gain.

Dr. Promise emphasized that the current turmoil within the local government system in Rivers State largely stems from internal contradictions and mismanagement within the APC itself. Implementing a state of emergency, according to the forum, would not only undermine democratic governance but also erode public trust and potentially escalate tensions in the state.

The forum expressed dismay over what they perceive as a cynical maneuver by the APC to deflect attention from their own failings in Rivers State. They asserted that such a move would disrupt peace and governance, serving primarily to advance political agendas rather than address the state’s actual challenges.

They further criticized the APC’s call as a dangerous ploy to destabilize the current administration in Rivers State, asserting that it would perpetuate fear, uncertainty, and political manipulation rather than provide solutions. The forum categorically condemned the proposal, urging for peaceful and constructive measures to address the state’s issues instead.

In conclusion, Dr. Promise called for restraint and urged national leaders to prioritize stability and democratic principles over partisan interests in handling the situation in Rivers State. The forum’s stance underscores the sensitive political climate and the need for careful, responsible governance in Nigeria’s regional affairs.

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