Tinubu Advises APC Governors to Prioritize People’s Interests


President Bola Tinubu has offered guidance to governors of the All Progressives Congress (APC), urging them to prioritize the welfare of their constituents and work diligently for the betterment of their states.

During a meeting in Abuja with Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello, the re-elected Governor of Imo State Hope Uzodinma, and the Governor-elect of Kogi State Ahmed Usman Ododo, Tinubu emphasized the importance of serving the people and ensuring inclusive governance.

Addressing the governors, Tinubu stressed the need to carry everyone along and to focus on serving the interests of the people.

He commended their efforts in securing victories in the elections, characterizing the outcomes as free, fair, and peaceful.

Tinubu reminded the governors that their primary role is to serve the people and encouraged them to uphold the principles of good governance.

Acknowledging the electoral successes, Tinubu urged the governors to concentrate on delivering on their promises to the electorate, emphasising that the people’s concerns should be the central focus of their plans and actions.

He emphasized the importance of delivering tangible outcomes that will enhance the well-being of the citizens and improve their standard of living.

Tinubu, expressing satisfaction with the electoral process, urged the governors to uphold the values and excellence symbolized by the APC, emphasising the need for a commitment to the welfare of the people.

He emphasised that achieving what was promised to the voters would earn their respect and loyalty.

APC National Chairman Abdullahi Ganduje, who accompanied the governors-elect, praised their conduct during the elections, emphasizing the party’s commitment to free, fair, and peaceful electoral processes.

Ganduje highlighted the party’s concession of victory to the opposition in Bayelsa State as an example of the APC’s commitment to electoral integrity.

Governor Uzodinma expressed gratitude to President Tinubu for providing strong and purposeful leadership at the national level, which he credited with energizing their election campaigns.

The governors pledged to uphold the principles of good governance and work towards the progress and development of their respective states.

Source: Channels TV

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