North-East Governors Accuse Tinubu Government Of Neglecting Zone In Allocation Of Capital Projects, Slam Electricity Company Over Blackout


The North-East Governors’ Forum has criticized the neglect of the North-East region in federal government capital projects, especially the poor state of road and railway infrastructure connecting the zone to the rest of the country. They particularly highlighted the deteriorating condition of roads from Enugu to Maiduguri and the destruction of the railway along that route. Additionally, they expressed disappointment with the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) for its indifference towards addressing the persistent blackout experienced in the region.

The forum emphasized the importance of prioritizing the reconstruction of critical infrastructure projects and urged the federal government, led by President Bola Tinubu, to take action. They called for immediate attention to the road and railway infrastructure along the Enugu-Maiduguri Economic Corridor and inclusion of the North-East in all national development plans and initiatives.

Regarding the power outage, the governors are monitoring TCN’s commitment to restoring power within the next 10 days. As a short-term solution, they plan to establish solar power plants in each state capable of generating a minimum of 10 Megawatts. They also highlighted the vulnerability of the North-East due to its reliance on a single transmission line serving six states, and they urged the government to extend transmission lines to improve energy distribution in the region.

Furthermore, the forum discussed the need to maximize the hydropower potential of dams in the region and emphasized the importance of addressing climate change and environmental degradation, particularly desertification. They called for coordinated efforts to reverse desertification and reclaim the environment.

The Northeast Development Commission (NEDC) was urged to collaborate with states in the region to unlock the energy potential and alleviate energy scarcity. Additionally, the governors recognized the global food security crisis and pledged to invest in agriculture value chains, support small and medium-sized enterprises in agriculture, and promote the production of improved seedlings and fertilizers to enhance agricultural productivity in the region.

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