Father Of Late Dowen College Pupil, Sylvester Oromoni Accuses Lagos Coroner Of Covering Up For School Management, Son’s Bullies During Investigation


Sylvester Oromoni Sr., the father of the late Sylvester Jr., a Dowen College pupil who tragically died in November 2021, has criticized the Lagos coroner who investigated his son’s death. He accuses the coroner of protecting the school management and the bullies involved in his son’s death. The coroner’s court ruled that Sylvester’s death was due to parental negligence, a conclusion Mr. Oromoni disputes.

He alleges bias and cover-up by the coroner, claiming the coroner rejected requests for a visit to Dowen College during the investigation to assess the school’s conditions. Mr. Oromoni believes the delay in visiting the school was to allow the management to fix any issues. Additionally, he accuses the coroner of ignoring evidence of bullying and suppressing vital information.

Mr. Oromoni refrains from naming the students involved, citing their status as minors. He highlights incidents of bullying reported by witnesses and his son’s claim of being forced to ingest a poisonous substance. Despite these reports, the school allegedly took no action.

Regarding his son’s medical condition, Mr. Oromoni questions the handling of his son’s ankle injury, which led to septicemia, a life-threatening infection. He criticizes the coroner for not holding the school accountable for negligence in managing his son’s injury.

Furthermore, he points out contradictions in legal opinions from the Lagos State Director of Public Prosecution regarding who should be prosecuted for negligence.

Mr. Oromoni urges the Lagos State Government to investigate the bullying cases at Dowen College thoroughly and hold accountable both the students and staff involved in mistreating students.

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