Kogi Ex-Governor Yahaya Bello Is Just Stubborn; His Govt Was Rough And Corrupt — Edwin Clark


Elder statesman Chief Edwin Clark criticized the governance of former Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello, describing it as rough, corrupt, and marked by violence. He noted that the current governor, Ahmed Ododo, seemed to be following Bello’s footsteps, indicating that Bello still held influence. Clark urged Bello to face legal scrutiny regarding allegations of corruption and misuse of public funds, emphasizing the need for accountability.

Clark’s remarks, delivered in an interview on Arise TV, underscored his dissatisfaction with Bello’s tenure, highlighting concerns over corruption, electoral violence, and lack of transparency. He accused Bello of stubbornness and called for him to address the allegations against him in court, particularly regarding the source of funds used for personal expenses.

The elder statesman’s criticism extended to the current administration, suggesting that Ododo’s behavior indicated a continuation of Bello’s governance style, rather than a departure from it. Clark urged Ododo to prioritize accountability and good governance to provide a better future for the youth of Kogi State.

PANDEF echoed Clark’s sentiments, urging Bello to submit himself to legal authorities to address the allegations against him. The organization emphasized the importance of accountability and the rule of law in fostering transparency and good governance.

Overall, Clark’s comments reflect a call for accountability and transparency in Kogi State’s governance, particularly in light of allegations of corruption and electoral violence during Bello’s tenure. He underscores the need for leaders to prioritize the public good and address concerns raised by citizens and stakeholders.

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