Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, a seasoned elder statesman and former presidential adviser, has counseled Nigerians expressing discontent with the nation’s current state to avoid fueling tension through hate speeches and unpatriotic actions.

Yakasai, at 97 years old, draws on his extensive political experience to advocate for a more constructive approach to addressing grievances.

In a statement personally penned and shared with our correspondent on Saturday, Yakasai emphasized the importance of utilizing available avenues for remediation rather than resorting to divisive tactics.

The retired politician urged fellow Nigerians to employ patriotic and legal means in addressing perceived issues within the country, cautioning against the negative consequences of engaging in verbal warfare and violent protests.

Yakasai underscored the reality that President Tinubu, like any leader, is human and cannot single-handedly fulfill the diverse needs, wants, and aspirations of a population exceeding 200 million.

His statement titled “My ADVICE TO NIGERIANS” encourages a nuanced understanding of the complexities inherent in governing a nation of such magnitude.

“Nigeria is a complex creation, and whoever is privileged to be its leader cannot rule the nation to the satisfaction of its over 200 million inhabitants. This is the case with every nation, big or small,” Yakasai remarked.

He further urged individuals dissatisfied with the current situation to initiate corrective processes in alignment with the country’s constitution and legal framework.

Expressing the impossibility of making everyone happy simultaneously, Yakasai highlighted the provisions in the constitution as the pathway to address concerns methodically.

Source: PM News

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