Nigeria Strengthens Ties with China: Defence Minister Pledges Collaboration on Technology Transfer and Military Training


The federal government of Nigeria has affirmed its commitment to a collaborative partnership with the Chinese government, aiming to enhance technology transfer, intelligence sharing, and military training to address the security challenges prevalent in the country.

This pledge was made by the Minister of Defence, Muhammad Badaru, during a courtesy visit from the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jian Chun, at the Ship House in Abuja.

In a statement released by Henshaw Ogubike, the Director of Information and Public Relations of the defence ministry, Minister Badaru highlighted China’s keen interest in cooperating with Nigeria on technology transfer and training initiatives.

Notably, there are ongoing discussions regarding the potential production of military equipment through collaboration with Chinese companies.

Minister Badaru shared insights from his recent visit to China, where discussions centered around technology transfer, military training, and safeguarding the interests of Chinese corporations in Nigeria.

He emphasised the success of these deliberations and the positive trajectory of the partnership.

Assuring the ambassador of President Bola Tinubu’s commitment to private sector collaboration for the realization of the Renewed Hope Agenda, Minister Badaru pointed out the recent signing of the Defence Industry Act.

This act aims to guide the development of Nigeria’s Defence Industry Corporation, providing an equitable platform for all investors.

Encouraging more Chinese investors to consider Nigeria, the minister expressed the need for serious investments in key sectors such as steel, power, and energy to advance the nation’s defence industry technology.

The Chinese Ambassador, Cui Jian Chun, echoed the strategic interest China holds in collaborating with Nigeria across military cooperation, economic initiatives, and international affairs.

Highlighting Nigeria’s immense potential for economic development, the ambassador emphasized existing investments in security, education, and the economy.

Furthermore, Ambassador Chun outlined China’s willingness to support the establishment of military industries in Nigeria, contributing to local production of military equipment. This, he noted, would bolster efforts against insurgency and related crimes while aligning with the federal government’s objective of employment generation.

Source: Peoples Gazette

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