Abia State Government Clarifies Expenditure, Claims The State Government Spent N223 Million, Not a Billion, on Q3 Feasts


In response to circulating social media stories alleging excessive spending by the office of the governor, Abia State has clarified that it did not expend nearly one billion naira on feeding and welfare during the third quarter.

The Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to Governor Alex Otti, Kazie Uko, issued a press statement to address the misinformation, asserting that the actual expenditure for meals and refreshments amounted to N223,389,889.84.

The press release emphasized that the reported figure encapsulates the collective expenditures of all Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs), dispelling the notion that it solely pertains to the Office of the Governor, as suggested by some social media reports.

“The stated figure covers expenses for special events, such as retreats, conferences, and related events. For welfare, the Abia State Government has so far spent the sum of N397,520,734.84,” clarified the statement.

The welfare expenditure, according to the press release, aligns with the State Fiscal, Transparency, Accountability, and Sustainability Programme (SFTAS), a federal government initiative.

It further highlighted that this spending encompasses all MDAs, not exclusively the Governor’s Office, as erroneously alleged.

The expenses related to welfare encompass health, rehabilitation, and responses to public emergencies.

The press statement reiterated Governor Alex Otti’s commitment to transparency in his administration, aiming to dispel any misconceptions arising from the social media reports.

The clarification seeks to provide an accurate understanding of the state’s financial activities during the specified period.

The need for clarification arose due to widespread reports on social media platforms, suggesting that the governor’s office alone had allegedly spent close to one billion naira on meals and refreshments in the third quarter financial period.

The Abia State government, through this statement, seeks to set the record straight and ensure that accurate information prevails amidst the online discourse.

Source: Daily Post

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