Surgeons in New York Perform World’s First Whole Eye Transplant


In a historic medical achievement, a team of surgeons in New York successfully performed the world’s first full eye transplant.

The groundbreaking surgery involved grafting the entire left eye and part of the face from a donor onto a line worker from Arkansas who had suffered extensive injuries, including the loss of his left eye, in an electric shock accident.

Aaron James, the recipient of the transplant, had faced life-changing injuries after a 7,200-volt electric shock in June 2021.

The procedure, conducted at NYU Langone Health, included the use of 3D cutting guides for precise placement of bone segments from the donor.

Transplanting an entire eye has been a long-sought goal in medical science, and though partial success has been achieved in mice, this marks the first such surgery in a living person.

The surgery, led by Eduardo Rodriguez, lasted 21 hours and is considered a major advancement in the field of facial transplants.

While James has not regained vision in the transplanted eye, medical experts are optimistic about the potential for future progress.

Retinal ophthalmologist Vaidehi Dedania noted that the transplanted eye appears healthy, with good blood supply and electrical signal generation.

James, expressing gratitude, acknowledged the test of willpower and strength during the recovery process.

The surgical team used bone-marrow-derived adult stem cells to promote nerve repair.

Although the chances of regaining vision in the transplanted eye are uncertain, the success of the surgery opens avenues for further advancements, including optic nerve regeneration and innovative approaches like gene therapy and nerve wraps.

Medical professionals globally have praised the achievement, considering it a pivotal moment in the quest to restore sight and offer hope for countless individuals worldwide.

The surgery not only addresses cosmetic concerns but also represents a significant step towards developing treatments for optic nerve regeneration and meaningful visual function restoration.

Source: Channels TV

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