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The Presidential system of governance: Nigeria’s second attempt at democratising the elective process has become inimical and subversive to the Nigerian cause. It has polarised the polity, balkanised the Nigerian society and fractured the whole confederacy of the Nigerian brotherhood. It has elevated corruption to an institution of byzantine complexity; hence, it must be jettisoned from the boat of national progress.

Chris Okotie

I am, therefore, proposing an Interim Government that I call Government of National Reconciliation and Reconstruction that would introduce the concept of aboriginal democracy which is the mechanical instrumentality for the crystallisation of the new Nigeria of our dreams.

Aboriginal democracy will bring democracy back to the people because the classical definition of democracy that we know: government of the people, by the people and for the people is not what is obtained in Nigeria. Our own experience is government of the Party, by the Party and for the Party. That is a jactitation of democracy _ it is a false verisimilitude. I am proposing a government from the people, for the people and with the people; which is truly the democratic definition.

In the practise of aboriginal democracy, there will be no legislature. Legislative powers will be given to professional associations that are already in the polity because the House of Assembly works through committees. There are 57 standing committees in the Senate and 89 in the House of Representatives. These committees only replicate what already exists in the polity.

I am proposing that legislative powers be given to these organisations that have been in the system predating these current set of political parties. The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) was founded in 1933. The Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) was founded in 1931. The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) was founded in 1951; Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), in 1978. So, if powers are given to these associations, they would reduce the financial burden that we have been encumbered with_ spending billions to sustain an institution that already exists within the polity. If there are no legislators, then there will be no need for political parties. If there are no political parties, then there will be no need for governors, ministers or commissioners because these are political offices deriving from the Presidential system.

One of the things we will address will be elimination of the legislature. Power will be given to professional associations who band together: doctors banding together; lawyers banding together; market women banding together by a concept of gregarious socialisation. They have ties of professional consanguinity and have established an organic nexus by way of enterprise and endeavour. They will be far more reliable than the elitist club called the legislature.

I speak with all due respect within the confines of conventional propriety.

Source: Rev. Chris Okotie

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