Any Youth With The Resources To Leave Nigeria Legally Should Please Leave – Osun, YPP Governorship Candidate | GOVERNMEND

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“I have travelled, I spent some years before returning back to the country. I can tell you categorically that you need Europe or America exposure to think better and understand that we are far behind, in terms of development. If I hadn’t lived in America, I may not feel this concerned about my people in Osun State” Dr. Bayonle said.

Dr. Bayonle

The Young Progressives Party’s governorship candidate talked extensively about how Nigeria has failed the youth and how it has become imperative to bring the youth together to fix the country, starting from the smallest unit, during the monthly State of the Nation exclusive interview on Governmend Nigeria.

While speaking with the host, Solomon Olukoya, Dr. Ademola mentioned that there is no plan for the youths of Nigeria to sample and perhaps develop their creativity, skills and talents. This was his response when Solomon Olukoya asked if he’s worried about the rate at which young medical doctors are leaving the country for Europe and America to presumably live a good life.

“Any youth with the opportunity to legally travel out of Nigeria, of course to places like Europe, America or some other nice places should not think twice. While I was in the University of Ibadan studying Medicine and Surgery, we were about 150 in my set, I’m not sure the number of those practising in Nigeria is up to 30 – everyone left at some point for greener pastures.” Dr. Bayonle said.

He also added that it would be hypocritical of him to tell any young man or lady to stay behind in Nigeria after he had gone and now back, with the kind of experience he would not have gotten anywhere in Nigeria. He said there were times he worked on patients with torchlight while he was working in a hospital, he wouldn’t like to name in Nigeria, before he travelled to America.

He further encouraged the youth to be active in politics. He maintained that the country is on the verge of collapsing, the youths should understand that their lives depend on good leadership.

Source: Governmend Nigeria

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