Opinion: Shell Refinery Sold For $1.2 Billion, Buhari To Renovate Port Harcourt Refinery For $1.5 Billion – Kelvin Odanz |GOVERNMEND

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Shell sold a refinery recently for $1.2 billion but the APC Government under Buhari wants to REPAIR the Portharcourt refinery for $1.5 Billion. The things we see in this country.

This APC Government will go down in the history of this country as the most corrupt, the most incompetent, the most wicked to ever hold on to power.

And to think they campaigned on a backdrop of anti corruption and a party for the masses in 2015.

This country is in ruins. All-time high unemployment rate, all-time high inflation, all-time high insecurity and criminal activities.

It is literally rot all around. And this party has zero clue about Governance except bleeding the country, emptying the treasury.

It is not coincidence that this supposed “repair” is coming as we head towards 2022 when campaign for 2023 will begin in earnest.

This is just another ploy to embezzle funds that’d be used to rig elections in 2023. Very selfish and wicked set of people

Before the end of 2022, this Government will take another loan and approve more shady contracts that will go down the pockets of party members in preparation for 2023.

At this point, it is all about remaining in power. They have zero plan for leadership. They are clueless

Anyway, I hope when 2023 comes, we will have an unwritten consensus on the verdict of this 8 year disastrous experiment.

We either leave this “marriage” that has been so toxic and abusive or offer our future again on a platter. We’d be the ones to bear the brunt as usual.

Credit: Kelvin Odans

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