Insecurity, Ethnicity and Failed Leadership

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The rate at which Insecurity is spreading across the country is alarming. The dimension it took in the recent time made it even more complicated to deal with. Fighting or trying to curb Insecurity wrapped up in ethnicity in the political terrain of Nigeria is more difficult than climbing mount Kilamanjaro.

It is noted that the place for ethnic crisis in Nigeria in recent time is south west. Some criminal herders have chosen to wreck havoc by taking their cattles to people’s farmland. They perhaps see this as the most natural way of instigating violence, as they would be able to predict actions of the farmers, which often is met with violence by the herdsmen.

An attempt to address the issue of this illegalities, some prominent people from the south west began addressing this issue in a way they could, as people with no legitimacy. Yet, ethnic colouration was ascribed to their approach, leading to a more bigger problem.
Yesterday, our correspondent gathered a disturbing news about a terrifying tribal clash that claimed several lives and displaced many more. It’s reported that there’s a kind of reprisal attack after a misunderstanding between Yoruba and the Hausa traders. The authorities in Oyo state have arrested the imbroglio and peace is confirmed to have been restored.

The tribal war, insecurity that have risen above the malnourished unity of Nigeria is a result of failed leadership at all levels of government.
Security is the primary function of a state, yet the government doesn’t address it as a priority, they’re only heard when it’s time to loot the treasury.

The government is expected to gather opinion, the government enjoys peace when it listens to the people in a democracy. A state controlled police may be more effective, if the government chooses to be serious with security. Ranches for the herders, open grazing is due for prohibition and no criminal element should enjoy favouritism as it’s the case of insurgents and bandits in the North. The government, through negotiation and peace talks with criminals has successfully made criminality lucrative. And of course, many politicians are involved in causing mayhem to boost allocation and attract empathy of global NGOs. This is an issue that can be addressed systematically by a serious government.

Governor Seyi Makinde like his boss in Abuja, General Muhammadu Buhari looks incapacitated to govern Oyo state, judging by the rise of insecurity in the state.

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