Yiaga Africa Calls for Urgent Measures to Boost Women’s Representation in Nigerian Politics


Yiaga Africa, a non-governmental organization, has urged immediate action to address the low representation of women in Nigerian parliaments. Samson Itodo, the executive director of Yiaga Africa, emphasized the need for national measures to increase women’s participation in parliament during an interview with journalists in Abuja.

Statistics reveal a stark gender imbalance in Nigeria’s legislative bodies, with only four women holding seats in the Senate out of 109 and 17 women out of 360 in the House of Representatives in the 10th Assembly. Furthermore, 15 states in Nigeria have no female representatives in their state houses.

Itodo highlighted the role of political parties in perpetuating this trend, suggesting that parties are not motivated to field female candidates due to a perceived lack of voter repercussions. He stressed that unless voters actively penalize parties that do not nominate female candidates, the underrepresentation of women in parliament will persist.

While advocating for voter action, Itodo also called for legislative interventions to address the gender disparity. He noted that the passage of Gender Bills by the 9th National Assembly could have created special seats for women in parliament, thereby enhancing their representation.

The executive director emphasized the importance of immediate action, describing the current situation as detrimental to Nigeria’s democracy. He expressed concern that the existing imbalance undermines the inclusivity and effectiveness of legislative governance in the country.

In conclusion, Itodo urged comprehensive measures to address the underrepresentation of women in Nigerian parliaments, emphasizing the need for both voter awareness and legislative action to achieve gender parity in political representation.

Peoples Gazette

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